Change Is Inevitable

I love a new year and the promise of change. As we enter 2017, the marketplace is changing faster than we’ve ever seen before. New disruptors loom. Our talent is under siege. Technology is moving at light speed. Anytime, Anywhere Work™ is taking hold. The face and expectations of our clients are changing. Our contemporaries or predecessors are retiring. And our NextGen is anxious to take over. In the face of all this, we still see too many established leaders holding on to old norms, milking the old business model and resisting change. That’s why we’re dedicating this issue of Coaching Concepts to the subject of embracing change and engaging the NextGen leadership within your firm and your clients.

In Leadership Lessons, we’ll explore the risks of resisting the market’s pull and the strategies for letting go. And in Practice Perspectives, we’ll identify concrete strategies for elevating and empowering your NextGen leaders to step up and lead the firm forward in these uncertain – yet truly exciting – times.

Adaptation is the only sure way to sustain. And if the rate of change in your firm is glacial while the market is changing faster than the weather these days…well, sustainability won’t be an option. In 2017, make a commitment to let go and let your next generation lead. Commit to innovation and nimble decision making. Shed old norms and develop new ones.

Change. Grow. Thrive.



P.S. Don’t miss our latest team and client updates in this issue’s New News including information on our ever-growing Transformational Leadership Program™. Our Spring program is open for enrollment. Classes typically fill fast, so act now to reserve a seat for your future leader.