What We Do

At ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, we develop leaders and transform teams, one person and one team at a time.  We offer a variety of services depending on the specific objectives and needs of your firm, including:

Retreats and Strategic Planning – Whether you most need to focus on leadership development, governance, partner unity, growth, team engagement, or other practice issues, we can help you develop a strategic, unified plan to achieve your objectives and then facilitate a planning meeting or retreat that will drive decisions and an action plan, resulting in change that moves your firm to the next level.

Training and Development – Our courses and workshops span all areas of leadership,  management, marketing, and personal development and can be customized for your audience, whether for tailored in-firm training, web-based training, an association conference presentation or training workshop, or a strategic planning meeting or retreat.

Transformational Leadership Program™ – Our year-long, in-depth program is designed to help your future leaders honestly identify their strengths and areas for improvement, develop strategies and skills to drive performance improvements, and prepare to take on meaningful roles in leading and managing your firm.

Succession Planning – With the significant number of leaders set to retire in the next ten years, planning for your firm’s future leadership has never been more important.  We will apply our proven methodology to develop your succession plan and/or choose your firm’s next leader and define and implement an appropriate transition plan.

Social Media and Communications – Social media technologies are revolutionizing business communication, business development, and recruiting.  We help firms capitalize on these technologies by developing a clear social media strategy, educating team members on the use of the various platforms and motivating stakeholders to begin building or expanding their online networks and presence.

Coaching and Consulting Services – We offer coaching services to provide a framework of accountability and ongoing guidance as you or your leadership team learn new behaviors and skills, manage change,  and move your strategies forward.  And, when needed, we’ll apply our experience to assist you in implementing your strategies with a broad array of tactical implementation and execution services.

Leadership and Personality Assessments – We help leaders assess themselves and their team members using leadership and personality assessments, providing self-discovery and insight into individual and team strengths that can be capitalized on as well as areas for development and growth.

Project Management – We are skilled at leading large and small-scale projects for your firm with a high level of accountability through our detailed project planning, meeting facilitation, and action recap processes, enabling projects to move forward on-time, on-budget, and with measurable success.

Channel Development – We are experienced in developing and launching programs for organizations that serve the CPA and IT professions to target their market effectively and meet the needs of their member or channel constituencies, including strategic planning, competitive analysis and market positioning, program development, communications, and sales program development.

For more information about our firm, click on the specific services of interest or contact us at info@convergencecoaching.com.