Other Professional Services Firms

If your firm is an IT consulting or law firm, ConvergenceCoaching has worked with many other professional services firms to customize training programs or strategic planning services and can do the same for you. Many ConvergenceCoaching team members “grew up” in the software publishing industry and our roots in technology are deep.  We understand the challenges that IT consulting firms face as they transition from the traditional packaged solutions and services world to the new Software as a Service (SaaS), software-on-demand with support services model.  We also understand how challenging it can be for technology experts to also focus on the important leadership and management activities required to grow their firms and develop their people.

We enjoy helping IT and law practice leaders develop strategic plans and provide coaching and other support services to ensure their vision for the future becomes a reality.  And, our leadership and management training programs are perfect to help leaders master these skills and develop them in their successors, too.

For more information on how we can help your professional services firm navigate change, contact Jennifer Wilson at (402) 933-2900 or info@convergencecoaching.com today!